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  • SE-Change Festival, July 16-22, 2022

    SE-Change Festival, July 16-22, 2022

    Through exhibitions, performances, and conversations, the SE-Change Festival explores social and economic change in real places – what it looks like, its effects, and how it is shaped. The Festival brings together academics, artists, and members of publics, locally and from various parts of the world, in a forum where they can interact, express themselves, […]

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  • Enterprising at heart

    Enterprising at heart

    Entrepreneurial instincts kicked in at an early age for Manik Dhir. Even the most mundane walk to school held a sliver of opportunity. “In England, I profoundly remember there being a corner store on our walk back home from school,” recalls Manik with a smile in his voice, “where my mum would stop so I […]

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