The SE-CHANGE lab is working across UBC’s research community, focusing on social and economic change in regional, national and international contexts.

Applied Health Economics

Medical bills close-up

Applied Health Economics uses economic evaluations to examine the value for money of different lifestyle interventions such as exercise to promote functional independence often impeded by mobility impairment, cognitive decline and chronic conditions. Understanding factors that impact the wellbeing among older adults is required in order to efficiently add quality life years to older Canadians through the development of innovative patient-oriented and health economics research methods.


Wine Research Centre at UBC

Wine research, teaching and learning is lead by researchers across UBC in an interdisciplinary and connected network of collaborative relationships in settings that span both UBC campuses and beyond. Collaborations across a range of subjects including chemistry, viticulture, management, and social sciences connects researchers, industry, and the public and lead to discovery, innovation and impact.

Social Innovation

Social innovation is driven by social demands to address social challenges which require collaborating in a new way. Social innovations offer viable solutions to complex problems such as social cohesion, urban regeneration, healthy food accessibility, water and sustainable energy while at the same time, representing working prototypes for sustainable ways of living.